We are based in Sector 43, Near Galleria Market, Gurugram, Haryana

“A mediocre teacher tells, a good teacher explains, a superior teacher demonstrates BUT…a great teacher inspires….”

As a dancer and teacher, this has always been my credo.

Knowledge comes but wisdom lingers – and this has also been my credo as a dancer and teacher. At Nritya Kriti, my preparatory learning space for young dancers, I work towards building this credo in the art form of Odissi. At this space, we use passion, honesty, and sheer perseverance to train young minds in Odissi and help them discover how to create beauty and story-telling in motion.

When I started to train young children at Nritya Kriti in Odissi dance, it was solely with the aim of inculcating the students with the  exact methodology and technique of this art form as was taught to me by my Gurus. Gradually, as I taught more and grew as a teacher, I realised that being technically sound is not enough – my students needed more in their teaching practice.

With that thought in mind, I developed my training curriculum differently, aiming to teach the dance form in an engaging manner that was thought-provoking and fun yet pitch-perfect in its aesthetics and grammar. 

My journey as a teacher thus far has been extremely fulfilling – seeing my students and Odissi dance grow in such a prosperous manner fills me with joy. I hope to take forward this dance in the budding minds of Delhi and develop a synergetic space of intellect, artistry, and grace for years to come.